A little about me,

Hello fellow foodies,

My name is Sarah and welcome to my page Eat Clean, Train Mean. I am a self confessed gym junkie and enjoy living a hectic but healthy lifestyle. As most busy mums do,  I try to ensure that I feed my family and I the healthiest foods possible (although I also confess I am NO angel!).

I am VERY passionate about fitness and enjoy many different aspects of training. I take great pleasure in watching others succeed in their fitness goals as I know for myself, what drive and determination this gives me.  I am a true believer both in fitness and food habits that what you put in is what you get out. If you fuel your body the right way (with healthy foods and food habits) you can expect it to perform well and even above your expectations BUT if you fuel it with rubbish you can expect more of the same from your moods, performance and endurance!

One of my biggest frustrations with healthy eating however is the amount it costs to buy healthy products from the supermarkets and health food stores and last time I checked I did have that money tree growing in my garden!

This is where my inspiration for Eat Clean, Train Mean came from… Now, I don’t want to come across as one of those annoying do-gooders that never enjoys a square (bar) of chocolate or a bag of lollies (those that have seen my naughty fridge drawer will know otherwise) but I do just want to finish off by saying,


Feel free to contact me at eatcleantrainmean@icloud.com if you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions!

Happy eating !!



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