Cracking the Case on Nuts

Nuts and good fats feature ALOT in my diet and I absolutely love this article published by E-Replacement that gives a great insight into good fats and bad fats, calories and weight gain…

Here’s a little teaser and I recommend having a look at the full article found below:

For years, people have been hesitant to eat high-fat foods for fear of gaining weight. As a result, many have shunned nuts from their diets because they contain a high amount of calories from fat. Recently, however, dieticians have dispelled this myth and have begun promoting the consumption of nuts as a key element in a well-balanced diet.

All Fats are not Created Equal

There are foods with high fat contents that should be avoided – such as processed meat, fast food, pizza, chips, or anything out of a deep fryer. But there are also foods with equally high calories from fat that should be eaten on a regular basis, such as avocados, olive oil, and nuts. Now you’re probably thinking this doesn’t make sense: Isn’t fat the same no matter where it comes from? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your confusion. Many people don’t realize there are good fats and bad fats!

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