Do you have stock of all items at all times?

Eat Clean, Train Mean has an element of stock items at all times and we are expanding on this month on month. If in stock the product will be available between 24-48 hours. If the product is not in stock, Eat Clean, Train Mean will order this from our supplier at the next monthly order. We will advise you of the expected delivery date of the product when you place an order with us.

How does your monthly order process work?

Historically Eat Clean, Train Mean has reached out to its client database via email during the first week of the month (after we receive the updated price list from the supplier) to request orders and payments by a certain dates. (This is 10-15 days to allow people enough time to order and settle payment).
Eat Clean, Train Mean then order goods post deadline date and delivery is usually received from the supplier in the last week of the month. Orders are packed by Eat Clean, Train Mean and distributed accordingly.

Will the website ordering replace the monthly order process?

Eat Clean, Train Mean is committed to giving people the choice. We are happy to take orders through the website (it is our preferred method) however we will also continue to send the price list via email each month to request orders and prior payment. We will continue to order in the same frequency. We will continue to keep building our stock levels though to enable us to provide products immediately once ordered

Is there a minimum order/membership responsibilities

No minimum order or membership. We charge a $10 handling fee (however big or small the order).

Where do I collect my order?

The business is based in Clarkson so generally people collect from here alternatively delivery can be carried out and a charge would be based on how far from Clarkson the delivery address is.

What is your buying philosophy?

In terms if my buying philosophy, we like to minimize environmental impact through bulk buying, minimal packaging (We use fruit and veg bags for products and ask people to bring reusable own jars for liquids)

Are all products organic?

The majority of items are organic, unless otherwise stated on the price list or product description, items are organic.

How do I pay for my order?

Whether you are ordering via the website or via the email price list all payments should be paid to the Eat Clean, Train Mean account as directed when ordering



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