Our Philosophy

In Jan 2016 I started Eat Clean, Train Mean because I want to give people, like myself, the opportunity to buy organic, biodynamic and healthy foods without the ever increasing $$$ price tag!

Eat Clean, Train Mean is a Perth home based business that redistributes bulk buy organic foods at WHOLESALE prices. With no fancy packaging, small metrics or bells and whistles we simply bulk order organic & biodynamic pantry items and redistribute them to local people in Perth. SIMPLE.

Many people feel that eating healthy is just too expensive and too difficult to do and I would like to assure those people (who like thought the same) that it isn’t and it isn’t.

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and the fact that supermarkets and health foods shops capitalise on the fact that people want to make healthier choices for them and their families really does set me off.

As well as selling organic pantry items, Eat Clean, Train Mean also maintains a small ‘Gym Bites’menu. These are my favourite raw snacks of the moment (along with some staple ones that are always in my fridge). These snacks are available on a demand order basis and are also a non ‘break the bank’ cost. I can guarantee you that you will not find a $6 protein ball on the menu!!

Eat Clean, Train Mean also seeks to provide its followers with an insight to local fitness businesses and people in the fitness industry that can help you achieve any personal training goals that you might have.

Id love for you to join our community, read our blogs, post your feedback and also enjoy some of the amazing products that we sell if you are interested.